On Vox: i love december

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I love December. Christmas decorations and lights and snowflakes to hang, planning Christmas presents and getting ready to wrap, making Christmas cookies and other treats, wearing cozy sweaters and pretty red and green things with sparkley eyes, readying the house...

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fun meme

Stolen from my favorite suzy_queue in this post:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, kdlb sent to me...
Twelve weblogs drumming
Eleven soaps piping
Ten curls a-kissing
Nine bones baking
Eight websites a-decorating
Seven computers a-weblogging
Six heroes a-cooking
Five ba-a-a-aby names
Four self portraits
Three good eats
Two paper snowflakes
...and a tivo in a shiny.
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What fun! :)

lj weirdness

ya know what really is weird? When I can view a post on someones blog, but they have the comments set to friends only. I get my comment all typed up, and then submit it, and poof, the comment won't post because I'm not on their friends list. Why does it show me the comment form if I'm not going to be able to comment? weirdness.

On Vox: busy girl

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I'm always a bit busy, it seems, but this week has been a compartmentalized kind of busy!On last Friday afternoon, I slept the entire afternoon away. E had the afternoon off, and I was just exhausted, so I laid down...

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